Passenger Van Fundraiser

Each week, children in our residential program are taken to medical and dental appointments, court, community service opportunities, and other necessary appointments. When children meet their daily progress goals and their treatment plan goals, they are rewarded with activities. Activities are often chosen by the children and include going to dinner, hiking, museums, or other educational and recreational activities .

Gateway Children’s Services was donated a 1998 Ford 15 passenger van over a decade ago by a local church when they upgraded their transportation. In the last 12 months, the van has become incredibly unreliable. At more than 104,000 miles, it is showing signs of rust, significant wear, and it has become unexpectedly unsafe to drive many times while going to and from appointments and activities.

Despite very expensive preventative maintenance and repair appointments, the van is still incredibly unreliable. Our van is an absolutely CRUCIAL mode of transportation for our children to become successful in life.

Safety is our top priority and, in an effort, to mitigate any future concerns, we are asking for YOUR donation to replace our passenger van to safely transport children. Please, will you help us meet our goal?

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